Bangna Phaisan

"System integrator"



BNP is a system engineering company who provides full automation control system using special equipment.

Our experiences and concentrations are on

Intelligent Transportation Systems

- Air Traffic Management

- Airport Lighting System

- Airfield Ground Lighting

- Weather Equipment

- Guidance Signs

- Airport Lighting Control and Monitoring System

Precision Landing Systems

- Instrument Landing System (ILS)

- Microwave Landing System (MLS)

- Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) Precision   


- En Route Navigation Growth Capability

- Variable Omni-Range (VOR) Capability

Security & Surveillance

- Video Recording System

- Law Enforcement Equipment

- Custom Design Solutions

Ground Traffic Management

- Toll Collection System

- Public Transport Tracking and Information Systems

- Traffic Remote Monitoring System

- Traffic Controllers

- Vehicle Information Systems

- Multi-Bay Parking Meters

- Emergency Communication Systems




Bangna Phaisan Co., Ltd. (BNP) was previously known as Computer and Communications (C&C) Group of Worachak International Co.,Ltd. (WIC). According to the restructuring policy of WIC in 1999, C&C group decided to establish a new company named Bangna Phaisan Co., Ltd. (BNP). This new company's structure greatly enhances mobility and service quality to our customers. By the end of 2005, for growth expanding of our business. We moved to our new office building that has much more double space utilities. BNP is a leading provider of fully integrated turnkey projects including mechanical, electrical, telecommunication, computer and peripheral products, automation control system, security and surveillance systems and special equipment with package software applications which all have achieved considerable market success.