Voice Switches and Gateways



The SLICE is the REDCOM's smallest, self-contained switching system. It is ideally deployed as an intelligent remote to the HDX or small stand-alone exchange. It provides typical international gateway function, including the capability to perform interface and protocol conversion between domestic and international standard.

SLICE 2100 with TRANSip is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) integrated communications platform that provides a flexible, reliable VoIP solution. The SLICE 2100 brings VoIP connectivity to a wide range of applications, ranging from solutions for public and private networks, emergency response communications, and enterprise markets. Depending on configuration and traffic, the SLICE 2100 supports up to 1,000 IP subscribers, 24 analog lines, 4 ISDN BRI lines, and two field configurable digital spans (E1 or T1), which are ISDN capable. It can also support multiple types of analog trunks.

SLICE and SLICE 2100

Modular Digital Exchange with ISDN (MDX-I)

REDCOM's Modular Digital Exchange with ISDN (MDX-I) is a powerful telecommunication system designed specifically for flexibility in a wide variety of switching applications including both public and private network requirements. Its interface support includes ISDN Basic Rate (BRI), analog and digital lines, ISDN Primary Rate (PRI), analog and digital trunks, wireless connection and more.

Modular Digital Exchange with ISDN (MDX-I)

High Density exchange (HDX) and High Density exchange with TRANSip (HDXTM)

REDCOM's High Density exchange (HDX) is a communications platform providing integrated legacy and Next Generation services and features. It combines Voices over IP (VoIP) and TDM interfaces such as radio, E1/T1, ISDN, wireless connections and analog lines/trunks. The HDX provides the facilities require to bridge multiple technologies in one package.

In the transition to VoIP, the idea of wholesale replacement of network assets is not only expensive, it is often completely unrealistic. REDCOM's High Density Exchange (HDX) with TRANSipTM is a powerful soft switch and SIP call manager that retains complete Class 4/5 capabilities. That means you can migrate to IP when it makes sense for your business. HDX brings VoIP connectivity to a wide range of applications, including public and private networks, government and defense agencies, and enterprise markets. It provides an integrated TDM and VoIP migration platform that retains traditional revenue generating subscriber features. You'll avoid forklift replacements of your existing systems and gain a solution that works seamlessly with your current infrastructure.

High Density exchange (HDX)

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