BNP's turnkey and custom toll-collection systems can be designed and installed at facilities including highways, motorways, bridges, harbors, airports. We realized that the reality of the different requirements which are raised by customers in different countries is something that we have to be seriously dealing with. Therefore we are flexible and always offer ranges of solutions and choices to our customers.

Toll Collection System Toll Collection System

Having more than 8 years for working as a system integrator in electronic and telecommunication systems, we have deployed several toll collection systems in Thailand and South-East Asia countries such as Vietnam. In the past, BNP has installed 20 Toll lanes for National Highway No.5 in Vietnam, 3 entrance lanes and 3 exit lances for highway No.9 (Thub Chang Plaza) and etc.

Our system mainly consists of selecting hardware components including Power Distribution Board (PDB), Manual Lane Barrier (MLB), Inter Communication System (ICS) Overhead Traffic Light (OTL), Data Communication Network Equipment and Easy-to-use application software. Our engineers design an optimum (price and performance) toll collection system by carefully selecting and matching proven products and customized software based on our customer's requirements.

In addition, BNP also provides a unique CCTV and monitoring system which can be customized as your requirements. The monitoring system is linked to your office or headquarters to ensure that you always have everything under your control and possibly notice any problem immediately.