Parking System

We proudly introduce you to the best solution for integrated car parking system. Our system can be installed in most cases to existing buildings from a small supermarket, organization office, and university to huge shopping mall.

Parking System Parking System

We can provide the complete car parking solution. Our car parking system is flexible and well-designed. The system mainly consists of entry and exit booths, barriers, automatic pay stations and door readers or it can be customized according to your requirement.

The Benefit of using an effective car parking system

  • Improve parking revenues: every payment is under you control, the system can record the number of cars which enter your parking area, and also calculate the amount of money you should earn for a day. This can prevent the problem of cheating from your employee and hence increase you revenue.
  • Easier space management: With our intelligent technology, the system can tell you and your customers that how many spaces are available in the parking area. This information is useful for parking space management and analysis.
  • Safe, Secure and Convenient for your customers: a barrier is installed at the entry and exit booths as access control for vehicles. Likewise, pictures of every vehicles which entry your parking area will be recorded by high-resolution CCTV cameras and stored on a database.