Intelligent Transportation Systems & Ground Traffic Management

Parking System

We proudly introduce you to the best solution for integrated car parking system. Our system can be installed in most cases to existing buildings from a small supermarket, organization office, and university to huge shopping mall.

Parking System Parking System

We can provide the complete car parking solution. Our car parking system is flexible and well-designed. The system mainly consists of entry and exit booths, barriers, automatic pay stations and door readers or it can be customized according to your requirement.

Toll Collection System

BNP's turnkey and custom toll-collection systems can be designed and installed at facilities including highways, motorways, bridges, harbors, airports. We realized that the reality of the different requirements which are raised by customers in different countries is something that we have to be seriously dealing with. Therefore we are flexible and always offer ranges of solutions and choices to our customers.

Toll Collection System Toll Collection System

Petrol Station System

BNP provides a Petrol Station Management system for filling stations who would like to improve a service delivery time to their customers. The solution will improve the efficiency of all separated modules including dispensers, price displays, tank level systems, payment systems, video monitoring system, and car wash systems.

Petrol Station System

Weight Station System

A weight station is a checkpoint along a highway or main road to inspect vehicular weight. Usually, trucks and commercial vehicles are subject to the inspection.

Weight Station System

Integrated Subsystems

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) System
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) System
  • Fare Collection System
License Plate Recognition (LPR) System Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) System