One of our competitive strengths is the fact that our engineers never stop inventing new and practical solutions for our customers. We and our partners always continuously develop the better solution based on up-to-date technology. We strongly believe that new customer requirements are always emerging. They definitely look for a reliable and practical solution, and therefore this is our challenging and responsibility to fulfill and respond their needs.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Ground Traffic Management

During the past several years, the interest in ITS has become increasingly noticeable. Many countries around the world seriously paid attention to this kind of topic due to the traffic congestion which can lead to other problems, has been increasing.

Over the past 10 years, BNP has been developing and installing practical and effective solutions for our customers. We are specialists in Toll collection system, Parking system, Weight station system, Traffic monitoring system and other ITS solutions.

Recently, we have introduced our complete and automatic parking system which is easy to manage and ready to be implemented once the system is successfully deployed at the customers' site. We provide our customers with highly efficient and high-end equipments and it could be ensured that they will be satisfied with our system performance, its reliability and long lifetime.

BNP provides high-resolution, cost-effective IP camera system which could be fully integrated to your systems. The benefit of having this IP camera system are extended monitoring coverage, smaller numbers of monitoring equipments (e.g. PCs and PVRs) and lower network bandwidth. Besides this, the camera system also comes with special software which offers incredible features

In addition, BNP can also take part in several projects which require high-technology solutions such as Air traffic management, Airport lighting system, Weather equipment, Precision landing systems and other monitoring systems.


In the contemporary world, telecommunication typically involves the use of devices such as telephone, radio and computer. The real-time information may share through wired or wireless network and it must be carefully managed and monitored.

BNP is an innovative system integrator who provides ranges of applications in both hardware and software. Our engineers are experienced people and always great consultants to the customers. We help our customers to design, construct and operate the system. We are flexible and could be both your good listener and great partner.

One of our latest solutions is an innovative communication system which includes telephone, IP, wired and wireless devices. This system will allow any users who are using different platforms (e.g. fixed telephone and VoIP telephone) to establish a conversation through our switching network. The system has a high flexibility and can be customized based on user requirements.

BNP have a capability to design a huge, reliable and efficient wireless network. We started deploying this solution for one of our customers who would like to have wireless connections among their remote sites and headquarter and it is expected to be finished within 2009. The system would offer a high-speed and secured data transfer, so that it is definitely convenient and user-friendly.

Security and Surveillance

Over last several years, Security and Surveillance have become our interesting topics, due to the increasingly number of requirements from our customers. BNP offers solutions including CCTV security system, Video recording system, Law enforcement equipment and Custom design solutions.

Currently BNP is even more focusing exclusively in communication applications for this group of customers. We are developing a good relationship with several vendors who are specialized in this field and work closely with them in order to deliver high-quality solutions for our customers.

We expanded our business to provide a full range of integrated surveillance solutions including communication, monitoring, data storage and other systems which require specific technologies. Moreover, we are also a reseller of some particular receivers, antennas and advanced-technology equipment. With our strong emphasis on technical expertise, quality of service and advanced technology, we shall be the right person that you can trust and rely on.